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You know, being from Alaska it is very interesting the different responses I get when I tell people this is where I live. The funniest and most common misconception is, that even some of the brightest people will ask, if we all live in igloos and drive dog sleds.
So, let's talk a little about the misconception of what copywriting is and isn't.

Copywriting - Isn't the

© is the symbol that gives a person exclusive legal copy rights on an original work of art or literature for the lifetime of the creator and for another 50 years after his or her death.
When I first started telling my friends I was studying to become a copywriter I got lots of quizzical looks. Understandable, because I am not a lawyer, wasn't studying to be a lawyer & "don't you have to be a lawyer to do that?"

Copywriting is...    

The art of using words to move a person to take action.
The life of your business depends on your ability to move people toward becoming loyal, product purchasing clients and customers.

Why Do People Buy?

People buy first and foremost for emotional reasons. Because they believe your product or service will provide a solution to a heartfelt need in their life. And what takes them from searching and being a skeptical prospect to a motivated customer?

You guessed it! Targeted... Specific... Engaging... COPY!

Let me Help you Talk to Your Customers – both present and future

It all begins with a conversation. Let me help uncover the secret desires of your prospective customers and tell the compelling story of how your products and services will fulfill those desires.

And, just for the record… Alaska IS one of the most beautiful untamed places on the earth BUT we are also a very civilized cultural environment with all the amenities of modern society

Please call me directly, Monday through Friday; 10 am - 5pm (Alaska time), to review your current copywriting and marketing needs.

Or you can request a quote - please provide your contact information and briefly describe your needs. I will contact you within 48 hours to set up an initial free consultation.

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