September 3, 2012 by LC Billmyer

What is your expectation for today?

We all have them… whether your current circumstances are dire (out of work, health or relationship issues) or favorable; we all enter each day with our mind set toward an outcome.

Do you believe that everything you experience in life has a purpose and will eventually lead to good things for you and those you love; or, do you believe you are the world’s biggest magnet for “Murphy’s Law” – whatever can go wrong will go wrong in your life. Even if things are going relatively well you are always waiting for “the other shoe to drop.”

As someone who believes in Divine order by a loving Creator; it has been my privilege to experience the wonder of a life orchestrated by the Master Composer.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have had my share of betrayal, pain, fear, doubt and despair. It is hard, if not impossible, to get through the “university of life” without these types of experiences.

But, I can say that TODAY I am stronger, smarter, more loving, creative, and compassionate precisely because of my Creator's protection and comfort. He has given me the ability to release the negative effects of my life circumstances so that I can live from a place of peace without bitterness or condemnation.

My expectation is that my loving spiritual Father supplies all my needs and my heart’s desires out of the abundant riches of His love and kindness. From this place of freedom I can move forward without regret to explore and discover all that I am created to be personally and as an entrepreneur.

Learning to be congruent (the same) in all aspects of my life is the newest part of my life journey. Won't you join me and let's discover together how wonderful life can be when we expect the best from ourselves and the One who leads us perfectly on the Way.

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