What is Mobile Responsive Web Design?

Desktop, Tablet & Smartphone Viewing Options

A website classified as "mobile responsive" means that the website displays properly on all devices viewing the website.

Having a mobile responsive website means that your visitors will not have difficulties reading texts; viewing product galleries, pricing and comparison tables, reports, photos and videos whether they are using a desktop computer, a laptop or mobile devices with smaller screens like a smart phone or a tablet.

Why is a Mobile-Responsive Design Important?

Your website is your storefront online and depending on your business model, it may be your only storefront. However, due to the wide adoption of smart phones and tablets your customers now have a variety of options for viewing online content so how they consume this content has drastically shifted.

Mobile Device Ownership is Increasing

US consumer ownership of smart phones has surpassed 125 million and tablets are now owned by more than 50 million.

2003-2012 Smartphone and Tablet Ownership Graph

Smartphone Usage Online

Mobile Usage has been Changing Market and Consumer Behavior

Mobile devices have been very instrumental to the growth of local search, social media and mobile based e-commerce or m-commerce.

2011 Local Search Growth

Search and local search market continue to grow at an impressive rate with 144% growth in 2011 from 2007 - 1 billion to 2.44 billion. Much of this has a lot to do with the growth of mobile device usage.

It is also interesting to note2012 Mobile Usage Growth that engagement in Social Media is increasingly taking place via mobile devices. From 2011 - 2012: 37% to 46% for smart phones, 3% to 16% for tablets, and a decrease from 97% to 94% for computers.

In August 2012, mobile phones and tablets accounted for a combined 13.3% of total Internet page views. This was nearly double the figures of August 2011.

2012 Page Views for PC vs Smartphone

Personal computers continue to dominate with 86.7% of all page views. However, this figure is a 6.4 points decline from 2011. A growing number of US consumers are turning to a growing number of devices to stay connected.

The fact is that more and more of your target audience is viewing websites using smart phones and tablets.

By 2014, mobile Internet users will outnumber desktop computer Internet users.

Global Projection of Mobile v PC Users

With this shift in platform well under way, you will be challenged to stay ahead of your target market's usage curve and provide optimal presence with the content they want, when and where they want it.

It is imperative to maintain your audience, market and revenue share in the 'traditional' PC platform while capturing market share and monetizing the emerging mobile platforms.

Doing so will require businesses to get even smarter to do online marketing seamlessly across all platforms: PCs, smart phones and tablets.

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