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What is Online Reputation Management?

Your online reputation is your image on the Internet. Online reputation management (ORM) is about improving or restoring your name or your brand’s good standing. This is achieved by countering, weakening or eliminating the negative material found in the Internet – defeating it with more positive material to improving your credibility and customers’ trust in you.

Why is ORM Important to your Business?

Graph Showing % of Decisions Based on Reviews

According to studies, 78% of Internet users conduct product research online and 80% had a change in purchase decision after seeing a negative review online. Your business can be at the mercy of online commentaries – or you can use these to your advantage! Online reputation management allows you to respond to negative comments the moment they appear on the Internet. Proactive ORM also allows you to optimize positive reviews about your business so that favorable reviews dominate search results, pushing down negative ones in the process.

Also, 44% of online adults have searched for information about someone whose services or advice they seek in a professional capacity, like a doctor, lawyer, or plumber. You can use ORM to give these searchers a great “first impression” online

Reviews Represent Reputation

Online reviews are crucial for today's businesses. Several studies show that reviews can greatly impact a brand's reputation, and consequently sales. They are widely read and can influence people's purchase decisions. This means rebuilding or reinforcing your online reputation is about the promotion of positive reviews: highlighting what's good.

What Are Your Competitors Doing?
Search Magnifier

They use monitoring tools

Star Comment BubbleThey aggressively build customer
ratings or positive reviews

Press Release Icon

They use press releases and articles
to increase positive publicity

Social Media IconsThey are actively engaged in social networks to influence their target audience

Reputation Monitoring Dials

They are constantly managing their online reputation,
which in turn increase their conversion rates and business standing

  • In a test of product conversion with and without product ratings by customers: Conversion nearly doubled, going from .44% to 1.04% after the same product displayed its five-star rating. (Marketing Experiments Journal)
  • 63% of consumers indicate they are more likely to purchase from a site if it has product ratings and reviews. (CompUSA & iPerceptions study)
  • Conversion rates are higher on products with less than perfect reviews (less than 5 stars) than those without reviews at all, indicating that the customer feels that the product has been properly reviewed by other customers. (Burpee)
  • 39 percent of those who bought from sites with reviews cite the reviews as the primary factor influencing the purchase decision. (Foresee Results Study)
  • 96% of these ranked customer ratings and reviews as an effective or very effective tactic at driving conversion.
    But only 26% of the 137 top retailers surveyed offered customer ratings and reviews. (Forrester)
  • User-generated ratings and reviews are the second most important site feature behind search. Retailers who adopt ratings and reviews as a differentiator and retention strategy will gain market share. (JupiterResearch)

The Future

Online reputation will become more and more important as online users increase at exponential rates and become more and more connected with each other via various devices and online media.

Online users search for local business via social network:

Graph Showing Social Media Review Research

This makes social media a very good venue to build brands, customer loyalty, and word-of-mouth or viral promotion. It is a perfect platform to build your online reputation.

Social media giants are growing:

Growth of Facebook Users 2010-12

Facebook has over
1 billion monthly
active users in 2012,
up from only 600 million
in 2010

LinkedIn Sign Ups

LinkedIn has 87 million

users, welcoming in
2 members per second

Increase in Twitter Users from 2009

Twitter has 200 million monthly
active users in 2012, surging
from only 15 million in 2009

Social networks continue to grow today and this trend gives people more opportunities to interact with each other, as well as research about products and services on the Internet. The growth in mobile adoption means it will be easier to stay online and leave or read product reviews. Your business can either suffer or benefit from this trend, depending on how well you manage your online reputation.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing us means finally paying attention to your online reputation and having someone who is competently capable of managing it for you.

It means you can focus on your core business without worrying about your reputation on the Internet. That's one concern off your shoulders. And because we have the knowledge and the expertise, you can expect us to improve or restore your image online.

Choosing us means not having to hire and pay extra staff to take care of your ORM. There’s no need to purchase new equipment for extra employees or to pay rent for extra office space. It's a more convenient and cost-effective way of maintaining your image in the online world.

Reputation Quote by Microsoft Privacy Officer

Summary of What We Do

Review Building

We will collect and post positive reviews about your product, service, or business. These reviews are posted in authoritative web properties so that they are able to surpass negative reviews in search results. Our focus is to “push down” negative reviews and highlight positive comments about you or your business.

SMO Profile Creation and Optimization

We will set up your social media accounts, particularly Facebook and Twitter. For Facebook, we can create a personal profile or a business page. We can optimize your accounts with tweets and page updates, by joining groups, and by participating in discussions. We can customize your social network account URL in accordance with your branding initiatives.

Social Media Boosting

Imagine SMO profile creation and optimization on steroids. This is a recurring service that will ensure your social accounts will be rich with activity meant to improve your online reputation. Apart from updates, groups, and discussions, we can also acquire friends and followers for you.

Other services like Research and Analysis, Competitor Backlink Analysis, and Content Generation are part of the ORM effort. We will analyze your current online real estate and create a customized campaign to best utilize what you already have in place for branding purposes. Based on this analysis we will create additional blogs and micro-sites to dominate the first page of the search results.

What is the Next Step?

Online reputation is not just a personal issue for today's Internet users. It's also a must-have for today's businesses. As data suggests, prospects and customers use the Internet to know more about businesses they want to buy from. If all they see are positive reviews, congratulations! Your business is likely to grow because of these reviews.

But if a negative review comes up whenever people search your business name, you better act now. When one disgruntled customer leaves a scathing review online, it can destroy your reputation, your brand, and everything you have worked hard for all these years. All it takes is one negative comment.

With an efficient Online Reputation Management plan though, you'll be able to reclaim or rebuild your tarnished reputation on the Internet. We will make sure that positive reviews and user comments sink negative content low enough on search results for prospects to ignore. Your brand doesn't have to suffer just because of one negative review. There are other positive comments about you and your company and those are the reviews yours prospects need to see.

Engage our services and get the following:

Checklist of what You Get with ORM

Make sure customers see the best of you when they search online.

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