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What Is a Web Site Audit Report?

A Website Audit Report allows you to get a professional health check on your website covering:

  • Market Research and Analysis
    We perform manual and software-driven keyword and keyword structuring research, ranking and competition analysis. We Disk Showing Services of a Website Auditidentify priority issues and recommend a fix.
  • Web Design Analysis
    We check for possible issues on your website platform and hosting, perform malware checks, analyze your website design, and check for browser compatibility, site loading speed, navigation and content crawl-ability.
  • Website Structure Analysis
    We check for search engine tools such as Google Analytics, Google & Bing Webmaster Tools. We also check for site-maps and URL structure, internal linking and mapping.
  • Error Troubleshooting Report
    We look for broken links and 404 error pages. We also check your Robots.TXT, Robots Meta Tags and indexed pages.
  • Page Title and Meta Description Troubleshooting
    We check for duplicate, missing, and long page titles and meta description as they affect SEO.
  • Backlinks Report
    We check for external links that are pointing to your pages and see if there are issues.
  • Content Analysis and Optimization Guidelines
    We analyze your content, check for quality and duplication. We also check for keyword grouping, do URL mapping and check for issues on your target URLs and URL architecting. We then provide content instructions to optimize your content.
  • Report Summary and Recommendation
    We then provide you a report summary and provide recommendations line by line with priority tags and pricing to set your expectations.

Why is a Website Audit Report Necessary?

Running a long term online marketing campaign is a serious investment and should be well researched early in the process so we can customize your marketing campaign. As with anything of great importance, due diligence with proper research ahead of time will always produce better results in the long term.


WS Audit Report-Enhanced SEO-Improved User Experience

  • Our Website Audit Report will enhance an SEO campaign because it covers the most important search engine ranking factors.
  • Our Website Audit Report ensures we never walk blindly into an SEO marketing campaign for you and it gives you added trust and security in your SEO campaign knowing we did our research before jumping into an SEO campaign.
  • Our Website Audit Report will also improve the experience of your audience and customers as it covers in-depth assessment of your page architecture, navigation, content, calls-to-action and more.


Google is continuously twe25 Panda and 4 Penguine Updatesaking their algorithms to provide users with search engine results of ever improving quality and relevance.

Google released the Panda algorithm on February 23, 2011 and had 24 updates since then. The last update was reportedly released on March 14.

Penguin, on the other hand was first released on April 24, 2012 with updates on May 24 and October 5. It has been reported that a next update will come out this Q2 of 2013.

The guys at Google have been rolling out both Panda and Penguin updates one after the other which have affected 41.4% of search queries. Panda updates are generally targeted at sites with low quality content and Penguin updates are targeting web spam.

Pie Chart Showing % Hurt by Panda

Pie Chart Showing % Hurt by Penguin

On top of this, Google introduces many other smaller algorithm changes and updates regularly. All in all, Google makes algorithm changes 500 to 600 times in a year.

Our website audit was modeled to take these search engine updates into consideration, which is why our website audit is so extensive.

Recover from Panda / Penguin with a Website Audit

Choosing us puts you ahead of the curve.

Engage our services and get the following:

Website Audit Report methodology based on thorough research and analysis on current search engine algorithms as well as based on where things are going in the future.

In-depth consultation with you to better understand your business, products, services, and your marketing goals.

Growth of your network; get more referrals and join other business owners who are enjoying the benefits of successful online marketing due to a sound Website Audit Report.

With a successful online marketing campaign coming from a cutting-edge Website Audit Report, you'll get higher rankings, more traffic, and more potential leads and customers.

Given the facts, the best time to get a Website Audit done on your site is now.

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